The Kalika Hut

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The Kalika Hut

Benquet & Restaurant

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Celebrate Birthday Parties,Enjoy Kitti Parties, Make your own B'day/Anniversary momerable

Now Presenting
Catering Service
For Out Door Parties
We organise:
Full Marriage Package, Birthday Party, Marriage Anniversary, Ring Ceremony, Tilak Ceremony, Lunch Packed, Kitty Party etc.
Our Branches


Bella's Artichokes
Roasted artichokes with chipotle aioli and cream cheese
Bruschetta Blue Delight
Blue cheese and citrus bruschetta
Pomme Dulse
Baked potatoes with crisped dulse
Green Love Crostini
Crostini with young pecorino, grilled figs and arugula & mint pesto
Focaccia di Carciofi
Artichoke focaccia with fresh thyme

Salads & More

Green Delight
Watercress, frisee and avocado salad
Gourmet Yam Taohu
Thai tofu salad yam taohu
Panini Deluxe
Buffalo mozzarella basil panini

Signature Dishes

» Mutton Handi
» Quater (2Pcs) - 149/-
» Half (4Pcs) - 285/-
» Full (8Pcs) - 530/-
» Mutton Dum Biryani
» Half - 149/-
» Full - 530/-
» Mutton Kabab - 40/-
» Mutton Lehsun - 15/-
Black lentil curry with arugula salad, caramelized shallots and roasted garlic
Tamari-Maple Glazed Tofu
Wasabi emulsion, sesame seeds and scallions
Maple Barbeque Tofu
Grilled marinated tofu, maple barbeque sauce, tahini slaw, grilled seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes
Luxur Oyster
King oyster mushroom with roasted cherries and sage
Rigatoni di Cavolfiore
Rigatoni with roasted cauliflower and spicy tomato sauce
Saffron Chana Secret
Saffron chickpea stew with grilled porcini mushrooms


French Plum Crepes
Crepes with roasted french plums, yogurt & honey
Butterscotch Pudding
Butterscotch pudding with bittersweet ganache and caramelize white chocolate crispies
Chocolate Gâteau de Crêpes
Gâteau de crêpes with chocolate pastry cream and dulce de leche
Dutch Baby With Sauteed Apples
Dutch ginat oven-baked pancakes with sauteed apples
Blueberry Napoleon
Blueberry Napoleon with crème fraîche and raspberry powder
Rings of Saturn
Saturn peach on challah french toast
Classic Atayef
Syrian ricotta-filled dessert pancakes

Would you like us to cater your event? Call us & we'll help you find a venue and organize the event: 626.511.1170